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  • Опубликовано : 25.10.17
  • Состоялся долгожданный релиз Corona Renderer 1.7 for 3ds max.  В данной версии рендера реализованы довольно интересные новшества и доработки, а так же внедрена библиотека с 300 видами готовых материалов для Corona.  С полным списком можно ознакомиться внутри топика. 

    Full details and download can be found at our blog

    A quick summary of some of the highlights:

    - Up to 8 times faster rendering (dependent on the scene) thanks to a new improved sampler, a new optional adaptive direct lighting algorithm, optimized glass / water sampling, and more
    - Hair and Skin: Support for all hair and fur tools (3ds Max, Ornatrix and Hair Farm), and dedicated hair and skin shaders
    - Material Library with over 300 ready-made materials, with drag-and-drop functionality
    - New Subsurface Scattering and Dispersion in the CoronaMtl
    - Dedicated CoronaCamera
    - UvwRandomizer and Universal Bump Map Converter
    - And much more that would be too long to list here :) See the blog post for full details! 

    For those of you who have tried Corona before and your 45-day trial expired, we've automatically refreshed the demo period to give everyone an extra 14 days so you can try out all the new features! Simply download and install 1.7, and you can activate the refreshed demo period right from within 3ds Max. Enjoy!

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